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Why you want their permission

You want the permission of your audience when sending email campaigns so that you don’t perpetuate spam (or even the perception of spam).

Permission-based email marketing (using opt-in practices when developing your email lists) is the law in the U.S., and many get around this law with implicit permission in the fine print. We are all too familiar about how unfamiliar we are when it comes to fine print, especially those horrible, long-winded pop-up boxes of fine print requiring the acceptance of terms and conditions presented with a seemingly endless scrollbar.

Explicit opt-in works best over implicit. Explicit means someone knowingly signed up for your email because they are genuinely interested. You acquire genuinely interested people with good content, and a genuine belief in the product or service that you’re providing to the people who are, or will become, your audience.

Permission marketing will improve your bottom-line and here are some of the reasons why:

You wouldn’t want to duplicate the practices of a spammer

We have too many spammers. They are causing issues with an otherwise much needed email service. Make sure you don’t annoy people and instead acquire a long-term customer who knowingly chooses to receive your email.

It’s cost effective

At first, it may seem daunting to begin your list from scratch. Later on, however, if you have readers not interested in your offerings, they will take away from your budget and place a drag on much needed resources for customers who are interested in your message, product, or services.

You’ll report better results

So your bottom line is likely tied to your performance.

Make sure your lists are totally from people who want your email, and then your tracking and reporting results will out-perform any other method of gathering email lists. The return on your investment will also perform more favorably.

You will get to know your customers

If you’ve gathered your own email list, you will know who your readers are and will be able to better tailor your email to your audience. Furthermore, you will know how to segment your subscribers and further target your message.

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