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Content Strategy


Keep all your content (images, text, graphs, video, audio, etc…) organized with a Content Strategy.

Content Strategy is a process of auditing, organizing, and establishing standards to manage your most important online asset, your content.

It will save you time and keep your website updated.

Content Strategy is the structure that will provide your online visitors with correct information, current information, and specific information.

A link brought your visitor to your website, make sure you deliver on what they came for.

Overall Content Strategy can be defined and developed within three main processes:

  • Discovery
  • Substance and Structure
  • Planning and Oversight


You need a plan to maintain your content, and it starts with a content audit and analyzing how this content meets your goals

Substance and Structure

How you tell your story, how you structure your content for usability is important to reaching your goals.

If you’ve convinced a user to visit your site with an offer or a promise for engaging information, then follow through when the user arrives to your website by giving them the information they came for. What link was it that brought them to that particular page and meet the user’s expectations.

And then keep your user engaged by offering more relevant, complimentary content structured to provide a useful, meaningful, and user-friendly experience.

Planning and Oversight

Workflow and governance: you should have oversight for content standards and processes. You should have a process for creating, maintaining, and archiving your content. No matter if an individual enterprise or a small business, relevant content will keep users on your website and will make managing this asset easier.

Kristina Halvorson, founder and president of Brain Traffic, said in her book, Content Strategy for the Web, “…if we don’t learn to approach content strategically, as a critical business asset – we’ll keep underestimating the time, budget, and expertise it takes to do content right.”

Let’s work together to deliver good content online and contact CCB Creative.


Below is a checklist for beginning a content strategy.


Assessment of the client’s current content (and as needed, insight into competitors’ content).
This assessment may include any or all of the following:

Content inventory
Content audit
Gap analysis
Competitive analysis
Stakeholder interviews

Onsite content may include some or all of the following:

Informational pages
Category pages
Product/Service descriptions
Landing Pages
Error pages

Offsite content channels:

Social media

Substance and Structure

With the primary goals in mind and an understanding of the audience, develop or update the following:

Style guidelines
Workflow analysis
SEO tips

Planning and Governance

(the content ecosystem)

Providing for best practices for writing on the web
Developing an editorial calendar
Performance Metrics (Google Analytics)

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