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Social Media and Email

Social and Email: If your organization has signed onto social media, and maybe using email, too, you know how important it is to have your audience engaged. And that’s where a web strategy makes the difference.

By knowing what social media platform your audience prefers, what interests them, and what they’re listening to – you’ll know how to focus your message and have greater success with user interactions.

CCB Creative will research these answers for you and help establish a unified plan for your online marketing channels.

If you’re using email, this research will also be of tremendous value because now you can target your message further through email, which may the only one-on-one contact with your audience, your customer.

Organizations can use email campaigns to build followers and fans on social platforms. And then while growing you audience through broadcasting, you’re able to reach more people willing to opt into email for more engaging, detailed, information. And this is the group that will consistently respond to your call-to-action.

Using Email Campaigns and Social Media together provides a full-circle approach to an online web strategy.

Social Media – millions of people are using these platforms, it is the community online – consider it a different take on the water fountain, the plaza… the mall.

On social networking sites learn how to listen to the conversation and how your message fits into some of the discussions you find there. Then respond accordingly with relevant information.

Social platforms serve to entertain and to inform. Let CCB Creative help you discover your audience within this network and learn what would interest them about your offerings.

Using social media to encourage people to subscribe to your email, and using sharing functions in your email campaigns to spread the word back out to social media platforms, brings you the full-circle web strategy to growing and maintaining your audience online.

Contact CCB Creative about Email and Social Networking services.

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