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Precautions during COVID19

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To mitigate the risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am working remotely to communicate with you through online channels.

I routinely work from home and because of this business setup, I have for many years developed online communication systems to keep the focus on your projects, projects that now you may be reevaluating. Step by step we will find the best way forward.

Reorganizing personal routines is yet another concern, but know that I am dedicated to the well-being of any team members I work with, as well as my clients. I request that everyone follow the CDC guidelines and develop methods to maintain their health and safety.

[updated 06Oct2020] The studio in Portland, Maine, where I have held local meetings with many of you, will remain closed (even though businesses have been allowed to open according to Maine guidelines). Instead, I will continue working with you from home through email, online video channels, and text messages, and including, of course, speaking with you over our phones.

At the bottom of this page is a basic outline about using these online communication apps.

Our hearts are with our essential workers and we support the need to keep them safe with the proper personal equipment and ventilation. We continue to advocate for the safety of our vital and essential workers. And we thank them.

Importantly, I want all of you to stay safe and be well. As we are distancing ourselves through this unprecedented time, remember that someone is there to listen to you. Find your online resources and communication channels to stay in contact with friends and support networks.

Be well and stay safe.

Cindy Barnard (at 978-378-0650 or the website contact form)

Using Applications
for Online Communication

CCB Creative uses Zoho Meeting and the new Google “Meet”.

A note about the changing world of online communication apps:

Google “Meet” is a new app by Google (it was at one time known as Google Hangouts Meet, but now Google Meet and Google Hangouts are completely separate. Zoho Meeting and Google Meet are apps for either one-on-one or group video meetings, and as we are doing here at CCB Creative, these apps are for businesses. Google Hangouts continues to be a freely available app intended for personal one-on-one communication either through text or video.

Our Clients need not purchase any of these online meeting applications – as we will send a link for you to join, and the client user will access this service for free.

On your computer or laptop, click on the link CCB Creative will send to you via email or text. Through that link you’ll be directed to a page in your web browser where you’ll need to follow the prompts to join the meeting (you may be asked to download the app to continue the prompts and join the meeting).

Using Mobile and other Handheld Devices:
Note: Typically the use of mobile and handheld devices are for one-on-one communication.

Download onto your mobile device the ZoHo Meeting app or the Google Meet app (the apps are free). CCB Creative will send you a link through text or email for either the ZoHo app or the Google Meet app (whichever you prefer). You should then use your mobile device to click on this link. By clicking this link you will be prompted to open the appropriate app on your mobile device and then we can begin the video meeting/chat on your mobile device.