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Good writing goes hand in hand with good SEO practices. First, the goal is to be informative and help people solve a problem. Within that context are SEO methods that inform the web browser about the essence of the story – the primary topic and related information.

My focus when writing the story is On-Page SEO or optimizing the website content. Off-site SEO practices are also vital for a thriving website. Below is more information about my SEO services.

Contact me to begin optimizing your website content through SEO.

Landing Page Development

…making a difference in winning over your audience.

For each promotion or outreach effort that brings in a visitor, design a landing page to follow through with your special offering or message.

Users are surfing the internet, they’re out in the “world”. And when they discover one of your links, where does that link take them? It better be to the page specific and relevant to the link that brought them there in the first place. Or, you lose your reader.

Contact me and let me develop a smart landing page to further focus your message.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters and campaigns provide a one-on-one communication with your online audience, an approach that other platforms do not provide. In addition, email continues to be a crucial part of any outreach or marketing effort, providing one of the highest rates of return.

In addition, implementing Email Campaigns and Social Media together provides a full-circle approach to an online web strategy.

I can help you keep your subscription forms visible (without being annoying). And by simply listening to the conversations online and on social media, and can discover how your message fits into this discussion.

The next step for me is to write an email newsletter that responds to the online conversations with relevant information.

Read more about developing an intriguing email newsletter for your next one-on-one message.