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Freelance Writing
If we haven’t already, let’s connect and discuss what attracts your readers to your organization? Where will your ventures take you next? How does this journey affect your audience, and why do they need to know? More about my writing services.

Contact me today to discuss your content needs and writing projects.

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WordPress Content Management
In addition to freelance writing, I also provide WordPress content management services for your business. (I often refer to this role as your Website Editor.)

Your website is a living entity. It would help if you had someone you could rely on to manage it – to ensure that the content meets your standards and achieves your goals. Find out more about how I can keep your WordPress content current, maintained, and secure.

Email Newsletters: Your most effective channel of communication is email, still. While we’re inundated with email every single day, remember, it isn’t spam if your audience explicitly subscribes and is interested in you. More about inbound email newsletters and how to use this channel to drive traffic to your website.

SEO: From content to code, boost your organic search with On-Page SEO. Develop content to motivate your audience with a focused message that highlights essential key phrases. Next, cross-link your content to set the hierarchy and establish a journey. And if this sounds like good writing, it is. SEO is for your readers as much as it is for search engines. Find out how.

Content Marketing: Sharing is key. How and why you share determines your success. Find out more about how I can help you with results-driven content through Blog Posts, Email, Social Media, and Landing Pages.

My Work

The Recycling Market Crash: How to revive it and who pays?

States search for solutions to the recycling crisis.

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The Warehouse District

Writing as Correspondent for The N&O.

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Behind the Scenes

Writing as Correspondent for The N&O.

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Friends Bring the Old World Tradition of Pizza to Old Port

The best way to make a Neapolitan pizza as offered by this new restaurant addition in Old Port, Maine.

Feature article for a local restaurant opening.

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